The Complete John Ploughman

The Complete John Ploughman

Christian Focus Publications

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Author(s): C. H. Spurgeon
ISBN: 9781845502782
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2007
Pages: 320


C. H. Spurgeon was one of the most widely published ministers of the Victorian era. Sales of his books run into many millions. He had a gift for speaking the language of the man-in-the street and presenting Christian truth in a way that captured the imagination. Two of his publications of this type are here combined into one volume. Both are funny, pointed and profound in their content. They give answers to the common questions of the day on doctrine and behaviour as explained by a ploughman to his wayward audience. Also contains illustrations included in the original editions of the both books. Spurgeon was a formidable communicator – read him at his best!


C. H. Spurgeon, the great Victorian preacher, was one of the most influential people of the second half of the 19th Century. At the heart of his desire to preach was a fierce love of people, a desire that meant he did not neglect his pastoral ministry.

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